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The Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland

The Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland (Finlands svenska taltidningsförening, FSTF) was founded in 2013 as part of an initiative to standardize the production and distribution systems for 10 accessible newspapers available to Swedish-language speakers in Finland.    

The need for a new production system

For over 30 years, volunteers created the majority of the accessible newspapers for Swedish-language speakers in Finland through manual processing, but the number of such volunteers steadily decreased in recent years. Together with FSTF, Pratsam created a system for the production of accessible newspapers in the DAISY format using speech synthesis.

The production is automated, with DTBook or Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML document file formats used as a source. After the production phase the finished DAISY product is sent to the Pratsam Server for distribution.  

Graphical overview of the usage of Pratsam Producer in relation to accessible newspapers

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Support for different document file formats

The new production system (Pratsam Producer) includes functions for the import of XML and PDF files from daily newspapers and for the processing of such. The system creates quality reports from XML material and exports, in several different file formats, for manual or automatic processing.  

Another production method developed for FSTF is based on web scraping, which means that the system continually fetches the latest articles from the newspaper website and produces a talking newspaper in the DAISY-format regurarly from the content.

Modernization of the distribution system

When supplying the new Pratsam Server distribution system, FSTF offers subscribers the ability to play accessible newspapers through common web browsers, on computers using Microsoft Windows software or on players that support Daisy Online. Accessible newspapers can also be downloaded in the Daisy format.   

The benefits of the Pratsam system

In the special system developed for FSTF, Pratsam has automated several manual steps in the production of accessible newspapers, thereby saving the association the direct payroll costs previously associated with the manual processing of newspaper text.

The system has also resulted in increased reliability and quality in relation to the finished product, in that automation minimizes the risk for manual errors.